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LEO Speakers Bureau can help you find a consultant who can help your business grow. Call us now for industry experts who can help you with your business.

Speakers available for Consultancy

Monica Bormetti

Psycologist and mindfulness trainer

Alf Rehn

Leader of Innovation Creativity and Leadership

Sergio Castellari

Climatologist – Expert in climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction

Chiara Montanari

Explorer and Expedition leader in Antartica

Adriaan Kamp

Founder of Energy for One World

Darya Majidi

Entrepreneur expert in digital transformation, startup and innovation ecosystems creation and AI with a focus on ethics and diversity

Frans-Anton Vermast

Strategy Advisor & International Smart City Ambassador

Henrik von Scheel

The originator of the “4th Industrial Revolution” and Digital theme of today.

Nicoletta Romanazzi

The mental coach that has trained the Olympic Champions

Ayesha Khanna

Expert on Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Fintech

Edward Tse

China’s leading global strategy consultant

Giulio Sapelli

Full professor of Economic History, Columnist, Writer

Gabriele Albertini

Mayor of Milan from 1997 until 2006

Paul Redmond

Leading expert on generational change and the future of work

William McDonough

One of the most influential green architect in the world

Alastair Campbell

Former Director of Communications and Strategy for Tony Blair - Writer - Strategist

Misha Glenny

Award-winning journalist

James Hardy

Authority on retail globalisation, ecommerce and online growth strategies

Hagai M. Segal

Leading authority on geo-political and strategic issues and counter-terrorism

Vijay Govindarajan

One of the world’s leading experts on strategy and innovation

Ivan Ortenzi

One of the most famous Italian expert in Innovation Management

Saskja Sassen

Researcher and writer focused on globalization, Immigration, global cities, terrorism

Hamish Taylor

Renewed expert on Leadership, Innovation & Branding

Joseph Stiglitz

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Paolo Taticchi

Professor in Strategy and Sustainability

Oscar Farinetti

One of the most representative ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world.

Marc Randolph

Co-founder of Netflix and former CEO

Giuseppe Stigliano

Global CEO at Spring Studios

Andrea Farinet

Expert in Consumer Behavior

Erik Brynjolfsson

Expert in the economic impact of technology

Marga Hoek

Global thought leader on sustainable business and capital

Kate Ancketill

Retail expert – Founder and CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence

Luca Solari

Innovation and Corporate Organization

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

Former President of the Republic of Mauritius 2015 - 2018

Jenny Shipley

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Carlo Ratti

Pioneering Architect & Engineer, Founder SENSEable City Lab, MIT

Davide Dattoli

Founder of Talent Garden, Innovator, Entrepreneur

Ellen MacArthur

Founder of the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation for the Circular Economy

Alberto Mattiello

Futurist, Author, Entrepreneur

Arko van Brakel

Entrepreneur, inspirator, professional idealist