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Darya Majidi

Leading Authority in Women Tech Gender Gap and Women Leadership

  • One of the pioneers and visionaries of Information Technology in Italy
  • Committed to the issues of Diversity & Inclusion
  • One of the few women experts in AI data science and ethics in Europe
Entrepreneur and mentor expert in IT and Artificial Intelligence,
Fee Range: €/$ up to 10.000
Languages: English, Italian

*Fee ranges are an estimation for a live keynote speech in an European venue, they can vary significantly depending on the specific requests of the clients, the type of performance, the preparation time and the travel time which is requested. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.


Entrepreneur, author, mentor, lecturer and keynote speaker, Darya Majidi is one of the pioneers and visionaries of Information Technology in Italy. She has been actively participating in the digital transformation for over 30 years.

CEO of Daxo Group, a strategic consulting and training company on digital transformation, committed to the issues of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Darya Majidi is active in defending women’s rights through concrete projects and activities to accelerate the end of the gender gap.

She has a degree in Computer Science with specialization in AI, a Master in Corporate Strategy & Governance and Women’s Leadership. Her professional career confirm Darya as one of the few women experts in AI data science and ethics in Europe.

She is President of Donne 4.0, an association intended to promote the use of technologies as a lever for the personal and professional growth and empowerment of women.

She is the author of two books on this topic, “Donne 4.0” and “Connected Sisterhood” and is a recognized columnist on the issues of the Digital Gender Gap, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Female Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

Since June 2022 she has been Vice-President of the ARTES 4.0 Competence Center headed by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa and a High Specialization Centers of the areas of advanced robotics and enabling digital technologies, co-financed by MISE.

Throughout her career, Darya Majidi has always contributed effective intellectual design skills to the companies she has founded throughout her career – six in total.

Her commitment to supporting women has led to the creation of valuable projects, promoted by leading companies such as Fineco Asset Management and AGOS, and aimed at young women.

AIXGIRLS is the first ‘female’Summer Tech Camp in AI and Data Science, and soon will be followed by a second edition; Startup HER, on the other hand, is the first online call for start-ups totally designed for talented entrepreneurs.



Digital skills

  • The skills required in the job market of the future
  • Industry 4.0: how to face the digital transformation
  • Industry 4.0: the Acatech method
  • Empowerment & Leadership of Women in Industry 4.0
  • Digital, transformation, enabling technologies and digital maturity index
  • Sharing and Gig Economy: what they are and why we need to know them
  • Digital Mindset: the 7 pillars to embrace change
  • Artificial Intelligence & Gender Gap
  • Smart Cities
  • Data Science & Ethics
  • Internet of Things and tracking and tracing
  • Healthcare 4.0 and Digital Health

Soft Skills

  • Female leadership
  • Networks and networks
  • Work for objectives
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Management of complex problems


  • From un idea to business: how to turn a dream into reality
  • Business Model Canvas: A visual methodology
  • The Business Plan: you have to write it

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion(DEI)

  • Gender stereotypes and unconscious prejudices
  • The enemies of women: which ones and how to govern them
  • Strategies and culture of diversity & inclusion
  • Female power and leadership
  • Female emancipation
  • Prejudices and distortions in the workplace
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion(DEI) and Innovation


Darya Majidi Sorellanza Digitale Femminismo4.0
Sorellanza digitale - Femminismo 4.0
Darya Majidi 4.0
Donne 4.0

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