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Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable discussions are a popular way to have an in-depth discussion on topics that are important to you and your audience. We can arrange a discussion with industry experts on any topic.

Speakers available for Roundtable Discussions

Daniele Viganò

Communication expert for negotiation and sales

Sergio Castellari

Climatologist – Expert in climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction

Matteo Bassetti

Director of the Department Infectious Diseases and Full Professor University of Genoa

Manuel Maqueda

Applied Circular Economics and Regenerative Economics

Alicia Asín

Expert in the Internet of Things, AI and Big Data

Zoe Kleinman

BBC Technology Editor, Presenter, Moderator

Susannah Streeter

Financial and Technology Presenter

Chiara Montanari

Explorer and Expedition leader in Antartica

Adriaan Kamp

Founder of Energy for One World

Alan Friedman

Economic and Political Commentator - TV Host - Author - Producer

Stefaan van Hooydonk

Curiosity energizer

Darya Majidi

Leading Authority in Women Tech Gender Gap and Women Leadership

Frans-Anton Vermast

Strategy Advisor & International Smart City Ambassador

Pablo van der Lugt

Building Sustainability & Circularity

Henrik von Scheel

The originator of the “4th Industrial Revolution” and Digital theme of today.

Maurizia Cacciatori

Former Captain of the Italian National Volleyball Team

Nicoletta Boldrini

Trend watcher on emerging technologies

Massimo Picozzi

Psychiatrist, criminologist, sexologist

Mark Gallagher

Formula 1 renowned expert on high-performance leadership and teamwork

Giulio Sapelli

Full professor of Economic History, Columnist, Writer

Giada Zhang

One of the most successful Italian young Entrepreneurs

Sebastiano Barisoni

Journalist and Deputy Director of Radio 24

Gabriele Albertini

Mayor of Milan from 1997 until 2006

Sally Bundock

Presenter – Host - Journalist

Simon Wheatcroft

Blind ultra Maraton Runner - Motivational speaker

William McDonough

One of the most influential green architect in the world

Alastair Campbell

Former Director of Communications and Strategy for Tony Blair - Writer - Strategist

Misha Glenny

Award-winning journalist

Giovanni Soldini

The protagonist of the Italian offshore sailing

Valeria Portale

Expert in digital payments, blockchain, mobile applications, fintech and retail innovation

Richard Susskind

Expert on the future of legal services

Luca Mercalli

Climatologist, glaciologist, expert on climate change

Silvia Vianello

Expert in Digital Marketing - Serial entrepreneur - Professor - Manager

Marco Roveda

Sustainable - social entrepreneur

Saskja Sassen

Researcher and writer focused on globalization, Immigration, global cities, terrorism

Dipak Pant

Professor of Economy and Anthropology specialised in sustainability

Oliviero Toscani

World-wide famous Italian photographer

Joseph Stiglitz

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Paolo Taticchi

Professor in Strategy and Sustainability

Paolo Nespoli

Italian astronaut and engeneer

Oscar Farinetti

One of the most representative ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world.

Marc Randolph

Co-founder of Netflix and former CEO

Kenton Cool

World Leading Mounatineer - Adventurer

Giuseppe Stigliano

Global CEO at Spring Studios

Andrea Farinet

Expert in Consumer Behavior

Erik Brynjolfsson

Expert in the economic impact of technology

Marga Hoek

Global thought leader on sustainable business and capital

Marco Cappato

Italian activist and politician

Yuval Noah Harari

Historian and author of the bestsellers Sapiens

Matteo Renzi

Former Prime Minister of Italy (2014 - 2016)