Gabriele Albertini

Mayor of Milan from 1997 until 2006

Languages: Italian

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Gabriele Albertini was the Mayor of Milan from 1999 until 2006.

In the nine years he was mayor of Milan, he held his role with a managerial / entrepreneurial style, transforming the city from the Lombard capital into an international cultural, entrepreneurial and tourist centre. During his tenure he put his experience as an industrial manager into action, offering new opportunities to the city, which in a short time opened its doors to the Fashion Week and the Salone del Mobile. He transformed the technostructure from bureaucratic to managerial, reorganized the subsidiaries that all went into profit, and implemented a major urban redevelopment: City Life at the former Trade Fair, Porta Nuova, Portello, Montecity Rogoredo. Under his junta, Milan has become the most wired city in Italy.

He graduated in Law at the University of Milan. He was the Manager of Albertini Cesare Spa, a company working in the aluminium pressure die casting sector and became delegate for a small business on the executive board of Federmeccanica (the Italian mechanical engineers’ Trade Union Federation) and in 1996 became its Chairman.

In the 2004 European election and in the subsequent 2009 EP election he was elected MEP. He was a member of the European People’s Party’s group, and sat on the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism. He was also a delegate on the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, Vice-Chair of the Delegation for Relations at NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly and a member of the EU’s Delegation for Relations with the United States.

What he offers:
Gabriele Albertini shares his experience as Mayor of Milan, as a metalworker entrepreneur and as President of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the European Parliament with companies by providing suggestions and tracing affinities between different environments.


  • From entrepreneur to Mayor of Milan, two apparently distant worlds but with many points in common.
  • How to manage a large service company like Milan and tips for managing service companies.
  • EU foreign policy
  • Italian justice
  • The rights of the defence
  • The initiatives that have transformed Milan into an European metropolis: City Life, i Navigli, the Fashion Week and the Salone del Mobile. 

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