Kate Ancketill

Retail expert – Founder and CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence

Fee Range: €/$ up to 10.000
Languages: English

*Fee ranges are an estimation for a live keynote speech in an European venue, they can vary significantly depending on the specific requests of the clients, the type of performance, the preparation time and the travel time which is requested. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.


Kate Ancketill is a business speaker and futurist specialized in retail, brand hospitality and technology. She advises on the future of customer experience, on evolution of marketing and on how technology is adapting to new customer behavior and makes complex societal shifts and emerging technologies relatable for any audience.


In the last 20 years she has been the partner innovation to around 30 of the world’s larger consumer brands, speaking to P&G, Tesco, Sephora, Microsoft, Google.


Kate Ancketill is the founder and the CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence, an independent consultancy that provides world’s leading consumer brands with brand marketing and retail futures insight.


Kate is adept at working with Zoom and Microsoft Teams and has professional equipment, lighting and high speed Wi-Fi to enable her presentations to be of the highest and most professional quality, for virtual conferences, panels or interviews.




The future of AI & Retail Jobs


The future of ecommerce


Consumer behaviour


Trends in business




Brand hospitality




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