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How We Work

1. Intake session

We discuss with you your company needs and collect as much information as possible about the objective of your event, the audience, the theme of the event, the topic of the speaker, the budget.

2. Research and proposal of the speaker

Selecting the right speaker for your event is of vital importance; we are experienced consultants in this field and will present you a short list of speakers for your consideration.

Our work will ensure that there is a perfect alignment of values, personality and chemistry between the speaker and your corporate culture.

We will not only help you to choose the best option but also guide and assist you through the whole process.

3. Agreement

Once the choice has been done and we have collected all information, we discuss every detail and requirement with the speaker, prepare the contracts and book the speaker(s ) ensuring that all details are discussed and requirements are met.

A 50% deposit will be required, with the balance 2 weeks before the event day, the speakers expenses will be billed after the event date.

4. Pre-event calls

We discuss the technical requirements and content of the speech. We arrange written briefings and a briefing call between the speaker(s) and the clients and work at the logistics.

5. Logistics

We will assist you and the speaker for the preparation of the logistics, the travel, hotel and al requirements both from the speaker and the client. We will give the speaker and the client all necessary information like address of the location, who will be meet him/her, where, phone numbers.

6. Show time

The moment has come and we are thrilled because we know that the speaker you have chosen will improve a process of personal and social growth and open new doors.

Your success is our success!

Our speakers bureau advises you in choosing the speaker that best suits your needs, but also who organizes the briefing, drafts the contracts and assists you through the entire process.

Our speakers bureau provides more services than advising  and booking the best speaker to match your needs. We also organize the briefing, draft the contracts and assist you through the entire process.


There are many reasons for working with a speaker bureau:

  • We have a large database of industry-leading speakers and extensive networks.
  • We find the right speaker matching with your budget, objective, theme of the event, kind of audience, topics to be dealt by the speaker.
  • We negotiate for you the best price with the speaker.
  • We draft the contracts.
  • We arrange the briefing calls
  • We coordinate the logistics
  • In case the speaker cancellation we can find other alternatives for you.

A speaker bureau saves time and stress.

Yes, we will help you to select for you the right speaker for your events based on the language he has to speak, the objective, the topic, the budget, the venue.


Of course. It is important during the briefing stage to clarify your objectives and all further details with the speaker. We will arrange a briefing call with your speaker.

 It is very unlikely that a speaker cannot attend an event. However speakers are human and cancellations may happen. Should this occur we will do our best to find a suitable replacement, even if at short notice. In alternative we can postpone the events to another date.

As part of our speaker management service, we can assist you with logistics and travel arrangements. Terms vary between speakers so it is best to get in touch to confirm.

Speakers fees range from €/$ 5.000 to €/$ 200.000 or more, depending on a number of factors: their professional path, books sold, venue of the event, time commitment, travel.  Their fees include our commission.


As fees are flexible we will be able to give you an indication of the costs once we have a full brief, but we can quote the actual fee just at the end of the negotiation process with the speaker. It is our duty always to negotiate the best possible prices for our clients.

Generally the commission percentage paid directly by the speaker therefore in the most instances our service is free to you.

Yes if the event is on a venue, typical expenses include the speaker fee, flight expenses for one or two people, hotel accommodations and ground transportation, meals and tips. Airfare expenses are usually for first class or full coach. Some speakers also offer travel and expense flat-fee alternatives to cover all their typical, event related expenses.

If your budget doesn’t have room for the travel costs we can advise you to book a local speaker or to arrange a virtual event.

We mostly choose not to work with exclusive speakers. This because we want to offer the clients the possibility to work with an impartial agency.

If we would work with an exclusive speaker we would be committed to promote and suggest one of our exclusive speakers on other speakers. By working on not-exclusive base with all the speakers we can guarantee our clients the best choice for your events.

We have a database with many more speakers than the one listed in our website, but we also are in contact with many other agencies, in case you are looking for an exclusive speaker we co-broker the speaker with them.

work with us

If you are a professional speaker and with an expertise for one or more subjects listed in the categories, if you speak very good English, if you are confident in being on the stage and speaking in front of an audience you can send us your profile in English with your name, title, short bio, what you can offer, topics you deal with, spoken proficiency languages, fee, at least one picture in HD, a video or a link of your presentations, your contact data. 

We will just publish the profiles that we consider more appropriate for the requests of our clients. We strongly appreciate your efforts and we apologise if we are not able to reply to all the requests of collaboration but we will read all the profiles with the utmost attention and keep them in our database in case we should get a specific request from one of our clients.