Hosting and Moderations Events

Behind a successful event there is always a good host or moderator. A good moderator knows how to involve, inform and entertain the audience and knows how to highlight the speakers participating in the event, introducing them, asking questions, interactingwith them and making sure that they stay within time-frame. A moderator is the link between the speakers an the audience. Our moderators, TV personalities,high-profile journalists or expert presenters, set the right tone for your event. Book a moderator for your event!

Speakers available for Hosting and Moderations Events

Mark Gallagher

Formula 1 renowned expert on high-performance leadership and teamwork

Marco Liorni

TV personality of the most successful programs

Sebastiano Barisoni

Journalist and Deputy Director of Radio 24

Maria Latella

Multimedia journalist, blogger, television and radio host

Sally Bundock

Presenter – Host - Journalist

Silvia Vianello

Expert in Digital Marketing - Serial entrepreneur - Professor - Manager

Gianni Riotta

Journalist, Professor Princeton University, Director School Journalism Data Lab LUISS

Arko van Brakel

Entrepreneur, inspirator, professional idealist