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Alf Rehn

Leader of Innovation Creativity and Leadership

Renowned academic and corporate advisor known for his expertise in innovation, creativity, and leadership

Author of the book "Innovation for the Fatigued," which delves into the challenges organizations face with innovation and the need for inclusive and respectful innovation cultures



Fee Range: II. €/$ from 5.000 up to 10.000
Languages: Danish, English

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Alf Rehn is a renowned academic and corporate advisor known for his expertise in innovation, creativity, and leadership. He currently holds the position of Professor of Innovation, Design, and Management at the University of Southern Denmark. With a background that includes professorships in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden, Rehn has built a diverse and impressive career both within and outside of academia.

As a thought leader, Rehn has gained recognition for his keynote lectures that challenge conventional thinking and inspire audiences to question their assumptions. His lectures are characterized by a frank and forthright style, often presenting original concepts with humor and engaging anecdotes. This unique approach has earned him a place on influential management expert lists, such as Thinker50’s Guru Radar.

A prolific author

In addition to his academic contributions, Rehn has also established himself as a prolific author. He has written 19 books, many of which have become bestsellers. Some of his notable works include “Innovation for the Fatigued,” which delves into the challenges organizations face with innovation and the need for inclusive and respectful innovation cultures. Another book, “The Leadership Paradox,” challenges the notion of a one-size-fits-all leadership style, emphasizing the value of different leadership approaches. He has also authored books that highlight the significance of provocative thinking in fostering creativity, originality, and innovation.

As a corporate advisor, Rehn has gained practical insights into the difficulties that companies encounter in the realms of innovation, creativity, leadership, power dynamics, and exclusion. He has witnessed how deeply ingrained ideas and patterns of working can hinder progress. To overcome these challenges, Rehn advocates for bravery and astuteness, encouraging individuals and organizations to break free from old habits and embrace fresh perspectives.

Rehn’s expertise extends beyond the academic and corporate worlds; he has also made appearances in various publications across the globe and delivered over a thousand keynotes. His presentations blend insights from corporate culture with references to pop culture, making his talks thought-provoking, entertaining, and relatable.

Apart from his professional achievements, Rehn is known for his inquisitive and committed nature in all aspects of his work, whether it be lecturing, researching, or offering analysis. Additionally, he serves on multiple boards, including those of billion-dollar companies and a prize-winning craft distillery. Rehn’s diverse interests also extend to being a devoted food connoisseur.

Overall, Alf Rehn’s contributions as a polymath professor, innovative thinker, and charismatic speaker have left a significant impact on the fields of innovation, creativity, and leadership, both within academic circles and the corporate world.


Alf speaks on several topics, including but not limited to creativity, innovation, futures thinking and leadership. His keynotes include:

Creative Cultures – How They’re Created, and How They’re Destroyed

Saving Innovation – Innovating in an Age of Bullshit and Copycats

Thinking Out of Bounds – The Power of Challenge, Critique, and Extreme Creativity

The Paradoxes of Leadership

Taboo Futures – The Strategic Genius of Expecting the Worst




Alf Rehn Innovation

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