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Scott Steinberg

Renowned futurist and strategic consultant

One of America's top futurists

Recently named Top 50 Thought Leaders on the Future at Work

Bestselling expert on Change, Leadership and Innovation


Fee Range: IV. €/$ from 20.000 up to 50.000
Languages: English

*Fee ranges are an estimation for a live keynote speech in an European venue, they can vary significantly depending on the specific requests of the clients, the type of performance, the preparation time and the travel time which is requested. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.


Award-winning futurist and keynote speaker Scott Steinberg is a bestselling expert on change, leadership, and innovation who’s served as a consultant and thought leader for over 1500 of today’s best-known brands. Hailed as the World’s Leading Business Strategist, and one of today’s Top 25 Consultants, he’s a #1-ranked professional speaker and the bestselling author of over 25 books including Think Like a Futurist; Make Change Work for You: 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed Despite Uncertainty; and Fast >> Forward: How to Turbo-Charge Business, Sales, and Career Growth.

Steinberg is a sought-after keynote speaker and has delivered presentations at hundreds of conferences, corporate retreats, and branded events. His speeches aim to inspire audiences to think more strategically about the future. In addition to keynotes, he also conducts workshops, webinars, and training seminars to equip organizations with the tools to navigate and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

His work has gained recognition worldwide, and he has been celebrated as one of America’s top futurists by reputable media outlets like the BBC. The European Commission has also praised him as one of the best gurus on innovation and competitive strategies that drive growth.

Throughout his career, Scott Steinberg has authored over 20 books, covering topics ranging from turbo-charging business and sales growth to future-proofing strategies despite uncertainty.

He is considered a leading business strategist globally and has been featured in Fortune magazine as a Master of Innovation.

As part of his extensive portfolio, Steinberg collaborates with CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, general managers, and executive boards of well-known organizations. He has also served as the CEO of BIZDEV: The International Association for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, an association focused on teamwork and collaboration.

It’s worth noting that Scott Steinberg offers his keynotes and presentations in both virtual online and live streaming formats, making his expertise easily accessible to diverse audiences.


Fun at Work

Future Workforce trends

Technology Trends

Customer Experience

Leadership and Management Strategy

Creativity and Innovation

Generations Marketing and Advertising

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