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Zack Kass

AI Futurist, former Head fo Go To Market OpenAI, top booked Keynote Speaker on AI

One of the brightest and experienced minds bridging practical applications for AI in the world today

Former Head of Go-To-Market at Open AI

Considered one of the foremost thinkers in Applied AI

Fee Range: IV. €/$ from 20.000 up to 50.000
Languages: English

*Fee ranges are an estimation for a live keynote speech in an European venue, they can vary significantly depending on the specific requests of the clients, the type of performance, the preparation time and the travel time which is requested. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.


Zack Kass is an AI Futurist, renowned keynote speaker, consultant, and former Head of Go To Market for OpenAI, boasting over 14 years of expertise in the field of emerging technology. In his role at OpenAI, Zack played a pivotal role in building the sales, partnerships, and solutions teams, leading the channeling of innovative AI research into practical business solutions.

As a thought leader in Applied AI, Zack’s mission is to ensure that businesses and governments globally actively engage in the AI-powered future. He focuses on demystifying AI, making it accessible and understandable for a broad audience, and providing guidance to leaders navigating the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

During his tenure at OpenAI, Zack not only led the team at the forefront of translating theoretical AI applications into tangible solutions but also served as a personal advisor to numerous executives deploying the technology in their businesses. His contributions were instrumental in shaping OpenAI’s trajectory in the market.

Zack is widely recognized for his techno-optimist views and thought leadership in the AI space. His insights have been featured in esteemed publications such as Fortune, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, AdAge, and Business Insider. As a consultant, Zack has advised top-tier companies, including Coca-Cola, Morgan Stanley, and Agmen, on harnessing the power of AI for their respective purposes.

Beyond his corporate endeavors, Zack is a passionate advocate for AI’s potential to revolutionize the human condition and alleviate suffering. He actively works to promote the positive promises of AI, countering prevailing media cynicism.

Zack holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of California, Berkeley, and currently resides in Santa Barbara, California. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to shaping a future of abundance, Zack Kass stands as a key influencer and guide in the rapidly advancing realm of AI.


Zack's ability to break down complex AI concepts into understandable insights is a valuable asset for organizations looking to educate and engage their teams or stakeholders on the implications of AI in their respective industries. Whether it's about the impact of AI on customer service, supply chain management, healthcare, finance, or any other field, Zack can tailor a custom program to meet specific organizational needs.

Leveraging AI for Good

AI’s potential to redefine productivity and reinvent employee satisfaction.

The Innovator’s Dilemma: Navigating Our AI Future

Pioneering the path towards an AI-empowered future – The Innovator’s roadmap.

AI Strategy Simplified

Charting AI’s Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Technological Transformation

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