Garry Kasparov

Russian Pro-democracy leader, global human-rights activist, former world chess champion.

AI will transform everything we do and we must press forward ambitiously in the one area robots cannot compete with humans: in dreaming big dreams. Our machines will help us achieve them. Instead of worrying about what machines can do, we should worry more about what they still cannot do.

Russian Pro-democracy leader, global human-rights activist, business speaker, author and former world chess champion
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Garry Kasparov is a Soviet-born chess master who became world known in 1985 when at 22 years of age became the youngest world chess campion. He ranked world number one repeatedly for 20 years. His famous matches against the IBM super-computer Deep Blue in 1996-97 were key to bringing artificial intelligence, and chess, into the mainstream.

Since retiring in 2005 Garry has devoted his time in politics and writing. He formed the United Civil Front movement and joined as a member of The Other Russia, a coalition opposing the administration and policies of Vladimir Putin.

In 2012, Kasparov was named chairman of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, succeeding Vaclav Havel. HRF promotes individual liberty worldwide and organises the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Facing imminent arrest during Putin’s crackdown, Kasparov moved from Moscow to New York City in 2013.

The US-based Kasparov Chess Foundation non-profit promotes the teaching of chess in education systems around the world. Its program already in use in schools across the United States, KCF also has centres in Brussels, Johannesburg, Singapore, and Mexico City. Garry and his wife Daria travel frequently to promote the proven benefits of chess in education and have toured Africa extensively.

Kasparov has been a contributing editor to The Wall Street Journal since 1991 and is a regular commentator on politics and human rights. He speaks frequently to business and political audiences around the world on technology, strategy, politics, and achieving peak mental performance.

He is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Oxford-Martin School with a focus on human-machine collaboration.

He’s a member of the executive advisory board of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and a Security Ambassador for Avast Software, where he discusses cyber security and the digital future.



Garry Kasparov's topics range from: Strategy to Chess & Life, Logical Thinking to Politics and World Affairs.

He gives:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Seminars
  • Armchair speech with moderator
  • Simultaneous chess exhibition



Garry Kasparov Winter Is Coming
Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins.
Garry Kasparov L'inverno Sta Arrivando
L'inverno sta arrivando: Perché Putin e i nemici del mondo devono essere fermati.
Kasparov Deep Thinking
Deep Thinking: Where the Intelligence ends and the human creativity begins

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