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Umberto Pelizzari

One of the most famous freedivers in the world

"At 150 meters under water there are 16 atmospheres of pressure, the lungs become 1/16 of the normal volume and on the eardrum there are 16 kg pushing inwards." Umberto Pelizzari

Umberto Pelizzari one of the most freedivers in the world, speaker, journalist, teacher
Fee Range: II. €/$ from 5.000 up to 10.000
Languages: Italian

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Umberto Pelizzari is an Italian freediver widely considered among the best of all times. Of his era he is the sole to have established world records in all the then existing disciplines of freediving.

From 1990 to 2001 he conquered all the freediving world records.

Umberto is currently working as a journalist and reporter in television programs about science spreading and ocean environments. He created Apnea Academy, a school for freediving, researching, teaching and spreading to world-wide level.

His mantra: “a freediver descends to look inside himself” is more topical than ever if we think about how we now need to look inward to review our relationship with ourselves and nature, in a decade where we are all holding our breath on the great theme of sustainability.

“From the depth of 100 metres and more, headlong in the abyss, the heartbeat gets slower, the body disappears, and all the feelings take a new form. The only thing that remains in us is the soul. We take a long jump into the soul, which seems to absorb the universe. This is a mystical experience bordering on the divine. So deep down, I am immensely alone but inside it feels as if all humanity is with me. It is by being human that I surpass the limits we set for ourselves and diving makes us one with the sea and its surroundings. It is here that I become one with the sea and discover my true self.”




To become a "World Champion" is a very challenging task that requires dedication, sacrifice, resolve and responsibility, as well as the fostering of a strong "team spirit". All of this has similarity and parallels with the everyday challenges encountered in private and professional life. The values and principles that Umberto transmits through his narrative and videos are focused on:

OBJECTIVES: Identify the goal and believe strongly that it can be reached. The importance of sacrifice, determination and constancy.

PLANNING: The organisation of work and the recognition of priorities that optimise effort and prevent wasted energy.

TEAM: The involvement and dedication of every component of the team towards a single, formidable goal: the record. The spirit of sacrifice, sense of belonging, passion in the face of extreme difficulty, the work itself, and being a winning team.

CHALLENGE: Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, suffering and determination. Transforming fear into motivation.

SUCCESS: The capacity to fully enjoy a success and to share it with the rest of the staff. Understanding of the importance of continuing to train, believe in oneself, and invest time and responsibility into the next challenge.

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