Steve Wozniak

Co-founder Apple Computer, Philanthropist, Engineer

Languages: English

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Legendary Silicon Valley icon, computer engineer and programmer, co-founder, with Steve Jobs, of Apple Inc., philanthropist.

Steve Wozniak is considered one of the fathers of the personal computer and an icon of the technological revolution.

In 1975, he designed a microcomputer which drew attention from his friend Steve Jobs who showed so much enthusiasm for the project to persuade him to invest time and money, 1300 dollars, to buy the components for the first prototype of what would become the first personal computer, a real technological jewel.

Their initial capital came from selling Job’s car and Wozniak programmable calculator. Their office and factory at that time was Steve Jobs family garage.

In 1976, the two friends founded Apple Inc., which later became the largest company in the world by market capitalization.

In 1985, nine years after later, following problems resulting from a plane crash, Steve Wozniak left the company and founded CL9, a company that developed remote controls for home appliances.

In the years that followed, Steve devoted less time to the business world and focussed on various philanthropic initiatives. In 1990 he helped to found the Electronic Frontier Foundation and was the founding sponsor of the Tech Museum. In recent years he has contributed to finance many business initiatives dealing with sectors such as telecommunications, flash memory, technology, pop culture conferences, ecology and technical education.

At the end of 2020 Steve launched a new company, Efforce, a market for financing green projects.

Steve is the perfect speaker to talk about his contribution to the tech industry and how other companies can become increasingly creative and agile.

Wozniak offers unforgettable and personalized presentations dealing with creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and promotion of STEM education.


  • From a garage to Apple Inc.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • STEM Education

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