Massimo Picozzi

Psychiatrist, criminologist, sexologist

Expert in negotiations, decision-making and emotions

Fee Range: €/$ up to 10.000
Languages: Italian

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Professor Massimo Picozzi is known to the Italian public for his participation in radio and television broadcasts as a psychiatrist, criminologist and sexologist.

Due to his experience in psycholinguistics, communication, conflict management and negotiation, as well as the emotional sphere, he is an ideal speaker or consultant for business leaders, salespeople, HR managers, sports leaders, teachers and all those who are in contact with people every day.

He is consulted by the Police, has been a lecturer at the University of Milan, at the University of Parma, at the LIUC of Castellanza at the IULM. He currently teaches’ Psycholinguistics and communication “at the University of Insubria, holds SDA courses at Bocconi on ‘Influence and Negotiation’,” Emotions and Sport “for the Master in Sport Management at the University of Parma, the Hostage Negotiator Course at ‘Higher Institute of Investigative Techniques for the Carabinieri.


• For over thirty years he has been appointed by prosecutors and courts as an expert for the most relevant news cases.

• Author of 27 volumes that have sold over 650,000 copies

• For twenty years he has been the author, host and commentator for national television networks (Mediaset, Rai, la7) as well as Discovery and Sky.

• For 13 years author and co-host of the “CSI Milano” space on radio 1005 on a weekly basis.

• Author of online training projects for Ambrosetti, ATM, Federation of Nurses and Order of Doctors (CARE project, over 160,000 participants) State Police.

Podcast Author and Interpreter “Il Mostro” and with Carlo Lucarelli “Black as blood” for Audible Amazon, among the top three national podcast products of 2021


• Awareness
• Emotions at work and in private life
• Decision making processes
• Conflict management and negotiation
• Communication techniques
• Verbal Judo
• Behavioral profiling


Verbal Warrior
Nero come il sangue
E' inutile che alzi la voce
Guida pratica alla sicurezza per gli operatori della salute. Riconoscere e gestire rabbia e aggressività, minacce e violenza, nel lavoro di ogni giorno

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